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Upcoming Events & Activities

The Men's Council welcomes submissions of events and activities for publishing consideration. To submit your event,  at our feed back form. Click on headings or links for further information.

What Happens at Men's Gatherings?  

From Menletter November 2007   By Tim Baehr  - An open letter with an excellent description of Men’s Gatherings and what to expect. 

A Listing of  
Annual Events 
held by Men's Groups around the country (and some that are biannual).  


          July, 2015                                              p

en's Council of the Triad (MCOT) Monthly Meetings
Greensboro, NC
Every Second Tuesday, 7:30 to 9:30

A hosted monthly meeting around a fascinating topic of interest to men with lively discussion in the Triad area.

          August, 2015                                              p 

Catawba Men’s Gathering

Saturday, August 8th, 2015

“What have you done with the garden that has been entrusted to you?”
Antonio Machado


The Catawba River Men’s Gathering invites you to examine the state or our life’s “garden".
What aspect of it have you untended?  What part of it is thriving?

Join us for a day of community, reflection, and nature on a beautiful (30+) acre property adjacent to the Catawba River, nestled in the woods.

Directions: from I-85 south of Charlotte, exit and turn right on Sam Wilson Rd. (Exit 29).   Go one block and take a left turn on Performance Road.  Follow to the stop sign on Moores Chapel and turn right.  Go ½ mile and take a sharp left on Charlie Hipp Road.  Follow to the end of the pavement and turn right on the gravel road.  Follow to the end of the driveway and arrive a 4788 Charlie Hipp Road.

This is a FREE event and begins at 9 AM with a continental breakfast and ends at 3 PM.

What to bring:

·                Paper (such as a journal) and a pen.

·                 Bag lunch

·                 A drum or other instrument (your voice counts)

·                 Poetry or other inspirational readings

Contact Iinfrmaiton: Jarod Brown (710) 650-4740) JarodEBrown@gmail.com

                                Don Tyson (TB) (704) 968-5591 tb_tyson@yahoo.com (that is tb underscore tyson)

Gathering of Men:

Juggling for Geniuses


What:  The Triangle community of The Men’s Council (TMC) and ManKind Project (MKP) monthly event for August: Juggling for Geniuses with Frank Jeffreys


When:    Wednesday, August 26, 2015, 7:00-9:00pm


Where:  Community United Church of Christ (In the Fellowship Hall) (Southeast corner of Wade Avenue and Dixie Trail)


RSVP: Not mandatory but appreciated to plan for the amount of juggling material we need to provide.


One of our most popular events of all time was Fran Jeffrey’s juggling event. Now, Frank returns for a repeat performance – we hope you can join us for this popular Gathering of Men.


“If all the world juggled, it would be a merrier world,” says FUJi the philosopher.


Let’s get together this month for an evening of fun and merriment, where even the most fumble-fingered among us will get to experience the fundamentals of juggling. I doubt that we will get to juggling chain saws, but I guarantee that you will juggle something and have a great time doing it. All you need to bring is your enthusiasm!

And as an extra bonus, you will experience an additional mental benefit: Many CEOs, scientists, researchers, artists, etc. over the years have used juggling for problem solving and creative inspiration.

Far from being the trivial activity it was seen as years ago, juggling has proven to measurably increase brain mass (pre-frontal cortex, or our “thinking brain”). Recent research shows it also increases the amount of white matter (neural connections) in the nervous system which is what determines whether or not one can ever become a super athlete and was once thought to be static throughout life. Someday soon, as most jugglers already know, science will also discover that juggling increases the size of the corpus callosum, the neural juncture between brain hemispheres.


And, as FUJi realized long ago, laughter is juggling’s natural by-product.


The purpose of these monthly meetings is to provide a venue for men to gather and celebrate camaraderie and connection with each other.


         September, 2015                                              p 

Circle of Dreams

A Gathering of Men and Women Exploring Nighttime Dreams Together
For anyone interested in their own dreams

5:30 PM Friday, September 25--- 3:00 PM Sunday, September 27, 2015

 at a FIVE STAR retreat center near Greensboro in Stoneville, NC

led by Tom Lane, D. Min. 

Professional Dreamworker, Former Board Member of The International Association for the Study of Dreams, a North Carolina Licensed Professional Counselor, a National Certified Counselor, a presenter of workshops Nationally and Internationally.  He has led numerous gatherings of men, including dreamwork gatherings; as well as gatherings for women, but now leads these coed retreats, as men have found them to be more deeply instructive.   In 2007, Tom founded Journey Conferences to explore and further the conversation of Christianity and other faiths with psychology rooted in the work of C. G. Jung.

A Heartwarming Time Away to:

  • Learn essential wisdom your dreams have come to tell you.

  • Discover  their specific meanings for your own health & wholeness.

  • Enjoy a depth of camaraderie with other men and women at a FIVE STAR retreat center not far from Greensboro.

For additional information, including cost, go towww.understandyourdream.com/events

                                                       or call Tom at 336-545-1200


Discounted Rates may be available on a time-limited basis.
Prior to August 21, 2015, please check with Tom before making your reservation.

         October, 2015                                              p 

Mark you calendars - Saturday, October 17th 2015

The annual Gathering of Men Fall Feast  

  at Solterra, Durham, NC