2013 Holiday Greeting from The Men’s Council

     The Board of The Men’s Council would like to extend warm wishes to everyone for a happy and blessed 2013 holiday season. We approach the end of the year with a sense of accomplishment and gratitude for all those who have participated in and supported our reorganization process.

     Since last year’s Gathering of Men in April we can recount many accomplishments. They include assembling a fresh slate of Board members, choosing a new name, revisiting our Mission and Vision statements, revising our bylaws, completely overhauling the TMC website (http://www.themenscouncil.com), and establishing a  presence in the social media venues of Facebook and Twitter. Much has been accomplished in a short time and the TMC Board members appreciate the votes of confidence that TMC membership has provided in this crucial period. There will be much to do in the coming year to accomplish the goals and realize the vision of TMC. We trust that we will be able to continue to receive your support and positive energies as we seek to make additional progress in the months ahead.

     The Vision and Mission for the TMC are clearly defined. The specifics of how to accomplish the goals implied in them is in a formative period. We invite anyone who might have an interest in actively participating as a member of TMC’s Board to let us know. TMC Board would like to invite all of you, Board member or not, to join us in thinking creatively about ways to achieve our goals. As a stimulus to that process we invite you to read TMC President’s thoughts on this subject:

           URL: Future Directions for TMC, Thoughts of the Current President

     We hope that you will enjoy all the celebrations and festivities that come with the end of the year. We also send you our wishes for a prosperous and contented New Year.

Blessings and peace,
Bron D. Skinner, President
TMC Board