Stay at Home Dad
Before you consider marriage this is worth some serious consideration.

Dads Who Suffer a Miscarriage Too 

Ready for Something New  Wonderful sharing about being a new Dad.

There’s No Crisis In Masculinity… only a narrow definition of men.

Be That Guy! 7+ Everyday Ways Men Can Transform Masculinity 

Do Societal Expectations Ruin Male Friendships?  "This interview with Dr Niobe Way is an important look at the current conversations that are to be had regarding men's work. I think that "Deep Secrets" unveils information about what has propelled us to do the work we do in TMC and through all the years leading up to today. I think that we have been striving to unleash a part of ourselves that has been bound by societal expectations for our behavior as people in male bodies. The drive to form deep connections with other men has been one of our deepest motivations for continuing in conversation and gathering together in support groups and retreats over now decades. Dr Way's work has provided some very important clarification to me and in a way that I don't believe I have been able to articulate quite as clearly before."   review by Bron Skinner

8 Easy Ways We Drain the Juice Out of Love

Changing Roles

National Organization for Men Against Sexism

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The Incredibly Low Bar: Let’s Change the Stereotypes about Dads  Doyin Richards wants to know what is wrong with a society that sees dads who are merely being good parents as doing something “amazing.”

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As gender roles change, are men out of step?

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The Changing Role and Trying to do It ALL!  The stress that comes with the balancing work, family and self. 

Men become the target of jokes

By William J. Bennett, CNN Contributor

If popular culture is any indicator, manliness is on our minds….”

The Changing Role of the Modern Day Father

 “The modern day father comes in various forms. Today’s father is no longer always the traditional married breadwinner and disciplinarian in the family. He can be single or married; externally employed or stay-at home; gay or straight; an adoptive or step-parent; and a more than capable caregiver to children facing physical or psychological challenges. ..”

 A Call to Men and the need for role changes. Ted Talk by Tony Porter

Our male identity crisis: What will happen to men?

Our male identity crisis - Published on July 19, 2010 by Ray Williams in Wired for Success

 Men's Jobs Are Not Coming Back as the same rate

How a Man Handles a Miscarriage
A touching narrative of a couple dealing with a miscarriage.

Stay at Home Dads

Stay-At-Home Dads, Breadwinner Moms And Making It All Work 
by Kainaz Amaria/NPR

Carrboro’s stay-at-home dads find their job challenging yet rewarding 
By Alison Shay
     "Matt Daley poses with his children, Nora and Lucas. Daley has stayed home to care for his children for the past four years and says “I get to do what I really want to do most—be with them."