Fathering a Teen Aged Son

 Teaching Positive Masculinity 

What happens around 16 years old... helping with feelings of belonging. 

The challenge of fathering an adolescent son. Fathering an adolescent son requires downsizing the dad.  Published on November 22, 2010 by Carl E. Pickhardt, Ph.D. in Surviving (Your Child's) Adolescence

Good News for Fathers of Teen Boys

“I took advantage of the invitation and asked them for some tips on raising an adolescent. In particular, I wanted to know: Is the fabled struggle between fathers and teen-age sons avoidable? (At this meeting, the group focused almost exclusively on the father-son relationship; the father-daughter relationship must be equally puzzling.)

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Deep Secrets: Boys' Friendships and the Crisis of Connection   A book that describes the emotional life of teen aged boys and their code of silence about their emotions.  

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