Dads and Single Parenting 

National Fatherhood Initiative

“Regardless of how you came to be a single dad and whether you're a seasoned single parent or new to the journey, the tips below will help you navigate the challenges of parenting alone.  And if you're married to or in a relationship with the mother of your children, these tips can help you too!”


Mr Dad      

“Single fathers, whether they’re divorced, never-married, widowers, or gay, face unique challenges. Whether you have full custody, no custody, or something in between, you’ll find plenty of solid, practical information right here. And there’s even more in my book, The Single Father: A Dad’s Guide to Parenting Without a Partner, which will show you how to nurture a healthy relationship with your children and experience the joys of fatherhood regardless of the legal, emotional, and social challenges you face.”


Trends in Fathering

“The National Center for Fathering ( is a nonprofit educational organization that provides research-based training and resources so that men are equipped to address their children’s needs. Our goal is to reverse the cultural trend toward fatherlessness by helping every dad learn how to be a father.

At, we believe every child needs a dad they can count on. The research is clear: children thrive when they have an involved father—someone who loves them, knows them, guides them, and helps them achieve their destiny. We inspire and equip men to be the involved fathers, grandfathers and father figures their children need.”

 Legal Rights for Dads

“You only get one chance to be successful at it and you cannot fully understand it until you experience it. That’s a lot of pressure for expecting dads as well as experienced dads. Being a dad is not an easy role to play, there is no time for rehearsal and you learn as you go. Despite the demands, fatherhood is one of life’s great adventures. This site is designed to provide dads with information and resources that pertain to parenting and providing for your family such as: child development, behavior issues, cooking tips, cleaning tips and support groups. It is our hope that this site will be a place that dads can come to not only be encouraged, but informed on legal issues that can help you protect your family.”